Self-supporting trays on concealed frame


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EC4H is a self-supporting cladding panel with an invisible H-profile support frame. The grids are perpendicular to the facades according to the layout plan. The trays are made of 5 to 8/10th-thick sheet steel, perforated or not, with a wide choice of colors. The trays, with sharp, abutting edges, have notches to accommodate the H profile. Each tray can be dismantled independently of the others by simply stripping them.
Access to the plenum for maintenance is simplified, and the ceiling retains its monolithic appearance.


Open-plan offices, meeting rooms, reception areas…

The materials

Galvanized steel 0.5 to 0.8 mm thick, depending on bin widths


Standard widths 300 / 600 / 675 mm
Other widths on request.
Lengths within self-supporting limits
(675 x 1800 mm maximum)


– Pre-painted white 137 (similar to RAL 9003)
– Post-lacquered polyester powder paint RAL :

– All other RAL colors on request

Light reflection

Report CSTB EMI 18-26077242-1 :

Up to 88% post-lacquered RAL 9016
Summary in the Finishes section of the catalog

The fire

Reaction to fire (according to EN 13501-1)

Euroclass A1 for products :

– Unperforated pre-painted sheets
– Pre-painted trays with non-woven fleece or rock wool lining

Euroclass A2-s1,d0 for products :

– Post-painted trays with or without lining


Sound absorption measured in accordance with NF EN ISO 354.
Acoustic certificates on request


Standard :

On request :


Special cut-outs for lighting fixtures and HVAC equipment
End of frame trays with integrated reinforcement


Metal ceilings are durable and easy to clean.
For dust: Dry cleaning with a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner with soft bristle brush.
For stains: Clean with a damp cloth soaked in a non-abrasive cleaner diluted in water. For persistent, greasy stains, diluted alcoholic solutions can be used.

The environment

100% recyclable ceiling, odorless, easy to maintain and non-generating of dust, particles or vapor.
No VOC or formaldehyde emissions.
(Class A for rockwool-based trays).
EHDS sheet available on the INIES website (

All special profiles available on request

Installation in accordance with DTU 58.1

Frames: Panels mounted on invisible PREC H-profile framing, using a notch system at the end of the panel. The H-profiles are suspended under a perpendicular PREC PU primary frame to ensure system stability. Suspension at 1200 mm centers, starting 300 mm from the wall.

Edges: Panels are installed on peripheral edge angles. Possibility of finishing with a hollow joint by installing the panels under a half-H profile fixed under an adjustable shelf.

Dismantling: Open the EC4H panel by pushing vertically, then move sideways.


1- EC2 JC tray
2- REC L edge angle
3- Extruded H-profile J PREC H
4- Profile H hanger SUSP H
5- Profile H connector RACC H
6- Primary support PREC PU
7- Primary hanger flange SUSP PU
8- Primary connection splice RACC PU