Fire-resistant containers


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The EC2 SF is a self-supporting, fire-stable panel installed on edge angles.
Designed for installation in the corridors of buildings subject to fire-stability requirements, it is easy to install and can be easily dismantled to provide access to the plenum.


Circulation ceilings for high-rise buildings (Immeuble de Grande Hauteur – IGH) subject to fire stability regulations. In France, the decree of March 22, 2004 on the fire resistance of products, construction elements and structures requires a minimum stability of 15 min for circulation ceilings in high-rise buildings.

The materials

Galvanized steel, 0.7 mm thick.


Widths: 300 mm (SF 30) / 600 mm ( SF 15)
Length on request: 500 mm minimum / 2345 mm maximum)
Height : 35mm


Widths: 300 mm (SF 30) / 600 mm ( SF 15)
Length on request: 500 mm minimum / 2345 mm maximum)
Height : 35mm

Light reflection

Report CSTB EMI 18-26077242-1 :

Up to 88% post-lacquered RAL 9016
Overview in the Finishes section of the catalog

The fire

Reaction to fire (according to EN 13501-1)

Euroclass A1 for products :

– Unperforated pre-painted trays
– Pre-painted trays with non-woven fleece or rock wool lining

Euroclass A2-s1,d0 for products :

– Post-lacquered trays with or without lining

Fire stability (according to NF EN 13501-2: 2016-07) :

– EC2 SF 600 mm : R 15 min (PV CSTB n°RS21-022/B)
– EC2 SF 300 mm : R 30 min (PV CSTB n°RS21-022/B)


Sound absorption measured in accordance with NF EN ISO 354.
Acoustic certificates on request


Standard :

On request :


Ceilings and framing must not support any loads other than their own weight. Miscellaneous equipment not integrated into the test fixture (lighting, ventilation, sound, signs, etc.) can be suspended from the main or secondary structure of the building using hangers. These can pass through the pan with a minimum of play. This secondary structure must then be hot-checked, by test or calculation in accordance with current standards.


Metal ceilings are durable and easy to clean.
For dust: Dry cleaning with a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner with soft bristle brush.
For stains: Clean with a damp cloth soaked in a non-abrasive cleaner diluted in water. For persistent, greasy stains, diluted alcoholic solutions can be used.

The environment

100% recyclable ceiling, odorless, easy to maintain and non-generating of dust, particles or vapor.
No VOC or formaldehyde emissions.
(Class A for rockwool-based trays).
EHDS sheet available on the INIES website (

All special profiles available on request

Installation in accordance with DTU 58.1

The edge profiles are 35 x 30 mm angles. The 35 mm flange is fastened to the concrete walls with metal expansion plugs. These fixings are arranged at a maximum pitch of 600 mm. The profiles are thus arranged around the entire perimeter of the ceiling. The panels rest on the edge angles with a minimum overlap of 20 mm and a minimum gap of 10 mm at each end. There is no gap at corridor ends, where the last panels rest on three sides of the edge profiles.

Disassembly: Open by pushing vertically.


1- EC2 SF Bac
2- REC L SF edge angle