Metal ceilings



ECHAME’s standard range of products can be enhanced with a number of options to suit your specific site requirements.
If you have any specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our sales department, who will be happy to provide you with

EC2 BRZS L bac

Heavy bin

This solution can be adapted to our EC2, EC3, EC31… The heavy tray solution can be used for lateral insulation between adjoining rooms partitioned by a metal ceiling.
Lateral insulation performance up to 49 dB with 30 mm rock wool and 13 mm gypsum board.
Our heavy-duty tubs are marked L.

Bac actif

Activated bin

Equipped with copper tube activation systems bonded to the inside of the metal tray, our products are used to heat or cool offices.
Whether in heating or cooling mode, our ceilings contribute to user comfort.

Découpe bordee

Specific cut-outs for luminaires and HVAC

We can handle your factory requirements for lighting fixtures, HVAC grilles or other technical accessories.

  • Round cut-outs
  • Rectangular cut-outs
  • Rectangular edge cut-outs
Montage Bac easy

FAST hook-on

Can be adapted to our EC2 BRZ type C-rail mounted trays.
The FAST notch allows access to the plenums for maintenance operations, while leaving the ceiling panel suspended on its framework.

EC30 bac fin de trame

End of frame tray

Tray with the addition of an inner reinforcing crossbar to conceal the notch for fastening perimeter panels, and to finish ceiling grids on invisible framing with a full-edge tray.
This solution guarantees a perfect shadow gap.

EC2 BJR bac (1)

Long overlapping edge (BJR)

Type EC2 self-supporting bin with a long edge folded outwards. This option allows for complete overlap between trays laid edge-to-edge, useful when you want to avoid the passage of light between trays.


Trapezoidal bins

Coeur défense 5

This solution can be adapted to our EC2, EC3, EC31… The heavy tray solution can be used for lateral insulation between adjoining partitioned rooms under a sloping ceiling.
Lateral insulation performance of up to 49 dB with a complex of 30 mm rock wool and 13 mm plasterboard.
Our heavy-duty panels are marked L.

Finishing bins

Bac Finition

ECHAME manufactures custom-built trays for a wide range of shapes, to accommodate changes of direction in traffic flow, or when connecting to partitioning elements that require special trays. Specific bins designed by our Design Office according to your site requirements.

Decorative cut-outs


ECHAME uses high-performance LASER punching and cutting equipment to produce containers and cassettes with customized designs. From large-diameter random perforations to cut-outs based on your dxf drawings, let your imagination run wild !