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Who are we?Who are we?

For over 40 years, ECHAME has developed recognized French expertise in the design and manufacture of ceilings, partitions and metal cladding for the building industry. With ISO 9001 certification, we offer quality products that meet the requirements of the construction industry and fit in perfectly with all your projects. In our 5,000 m2 manufacturing plant, located near Lille in the Hauts de France region, we transform galvanized, electro-galvanized, pre-painted, stainless steel or aluminum to create your ceiling or acoustic partitions. Our sales team and design office are on hand to help you find the best solution for your project.



Metal, a recyclable and environmentally-friendly material.
Durable ceiling and wall solutions.
French design and manufacture.
Une société mobilisée pour ses clients

A company committed to its customers

Des professionnels du métal

Metal professionals

Le choix de la performance acoustique

Choosing acoustic performance

Le souci de la qualité

Concern for quality, safety and the environment

A company committed to its customers

Made in France

Established in the Ile-de-France region and on the outskirts of Lille for 40 years, ECHAME works as close as possible to its customers to offer them responsiveness and flexibility.
All our products are manufactured at our plant in Linselles (59), from where we organize daily truck rotations to deliver to our customers’ worksites.
Certain subcontracting operations or specific supplies are carried out by local partners who guarantee us quality of service and responsiveness.


An experienced sales team

Our sales team can offer you the solution best suited to your needs.
At ECHAME, your sales contact is in direct contact with our factory, ensuring that you receive a feasibility study and a quotation in record time. We can also provide you with samples for presentation to architects and project managers.
We have two sales offices: one in Linselles, on our manufacturing site, and the other in Le Vieil Evreux in the Eure department, close to our sites in the Paris region. With over 15 years’ experience, our sales staff are true ceiling specialists, with a thorough understanding of your needs.


The design office

Our specialists will support you from the moment you place your order, through manufacturing, right up to delivery. They can also advise you during on-site installation. Our studies are 3D. You’ll have access to overall and part drawings, which you can validate before manufacturing. Whether it’s a 10,000 m2 project or a 300m2 renovation, we always offer you the best solution in terms of quality, costs and lead times. One project, one contact, one efficiency.

A state-of-the-art plant

Our Linselles plant has been designed to meet the new quality requirements for ceilings and partitions. We work from reels, guaranteeing optimal use of the material. A quality control check is carried out on receipt. A permanent stock of 140 tons enables us to respond efficiently to your projects. Our experienced production teams are fully aware of the constraints associated with our products. Throughout the process, we carry out dimensional checks (flatness, formats, etc.) and appearance checks (gloss, colorimetry, paint thickness) to ensure uniformity and consistency on your sites. Our state-of-the-art technical resources offer you recognized production capacity and quality.
We are committed to continuous improvement of our tools and staff training, in line with ISO 9001 standards.
Our quality and methods engineers are present at every stage, from order to delivery, and evaluate actions to improve quality and meet deadlines on a daily basis.

Site-oriented logistics

A dedicated department organizes all transport to our customers or to the job site, with several rotations a day. We adapt our industrial logic to your actual site requirements: delivery by progress, by floor, spread over several months…
Trucks deliver daily to the Paris region and the rest of France. We have a large number of transport partners to ensure on-time deliveries. We offer transport with detachable or flatbed trucks, as well as customized transport with on-board forklift, tailgate or small volume for restricted access.


Metal professionals

The choice of metal

A building material par excellence, metal enjoys a reputation that makes it a must-have for prestigious building projects. Environmentally-friendly, durable and robust, it allows great creative freedom and reflects a modern, high-end image.

ECHAME bins are designed for regular use in the maintenance of buildings and networks passing through ceilings. The metal construction gives the system the strength and robustness to withstand frequent handling without premature deterioration.

Both recyclable and recycled, steel is a material that produces a small amount of waste, and thus contributes to a virtuous environmental approach.

Steel recycling does not alter its intrinsic qualities, and generates no landfill costs for manufacturers, making it the most recycled material in the world. This mastery of the steel recycling process is ensured by a perfectly organized industry that has been in operation for many years.

As for aluminum, it too requires very little energy to recycle, and can be recycled indefinitely.

Service life
The steel used to manufacture ECHAME products undergoes several successive stages of corrosion protection, including galvanizing and baked-on polyester powder coating. These treatments make our products extremely resistant to humidity, sunlight and scratches.


Why turn to specialists

ECHAME has been working with metal for 40 years, and is recognized as a specialist in the transformation of metal into thin sheet metal. Steel, aluminum, stainless steel – the possibilities are numerous, offering great architectural freedom and incomparable strength.

Shaping, punching, bending, welding, the know-how of ECHAME’s operators enables us to accompany you on the most complex projects.

soudure acier
calcul cote

Choosing acoustic performance

ECHAME products are designed for installation in offices, transport facilities, shopping centers and other public areas.
Their acoustic ceiling quality is essential to guarantee optimized comfort of use and full user satisfaction.
Two fundamental acoustic concepts need to be taken into account:

  • Sound absorption (Alpha w)
  • Acoustic insulation (or lateral insulation Dn,f,w)

Sound absorption :

Absorption or acoustic correction of a room consists in limiting reverberation and consequently improving comfort and speech intelligibility.
To guarantee controlled acoustic correction, the architectural design must be adapted to the desired objectives, using building materials that are more or less absorbent.
The higher the absorption surface, the lower the reverberation time T, which translates into a limited echo effect and a hushed atmosphere conducive to work or social interaction.

The indices used to measure acoustic correction are :

  • Weighted absorption coefficient: αw
  • Equivalent Absorption Area : AAE (in m²)
  • Reverberation time: Tr (in s)
absorption acoustique

Definition of the absorption coefficient

The sound absorption coefficient defines the ratio between absorbed and incident noise. It depends on frequency, but is characterized by an average index Alpha w.
The absorption coefficient (αw) lies between 0 and 1:

  • Absorption coefficient = 0: the material does not absorb any noise, so the noise is totally reflected.
  • Absorption coefficient = 1: all noise is absorbed by the material.

Thus, a material with an absorption coefficient αw=0.8 means that it absorbs 80% of incoming noise.
In other words, the closer the coefficient is to 1, the more absorbent the material.

esthétique design

Product absorption classes

The absorption classes of building materials are standardized, making it easy to determine the acoustic quality of a commercial product and compare it with others.
However, in certain specific cases, it may be useful to pay attention to performance per third of an octave, rather than just taking into account the average value.
There are five absorption classes for products to be used:

  • A : 0,90 / 0,95 / 1
  • B : 0,80 / 0,85
  • C : 0,60 / 0,65 / 0,70 / 0,75
  • D : 0,30 / 0,35 / 0,40 / 0,45 / 0,50 / 0,55
  • E : 0,15 / 0,20 / 0,25
  • Not classified: 0.15 / 0.20 / 0.25

The absorption performance of ECHAME products will depend on the nature of the lining inside the trays, the perforation rate, the height of the plenum…

Sans titre-2

Lateral insulation :

If partitions between adjoining rooms don’t extend all the way up to the structural slab, noise is transmitted through the plenum (the space between the false ceiling and the floor above). As a result, traditional sound-absorbing ceilings often provide insufficient acoustic insulation. In such cases, a BAC LOURD acoustic ceiling is required, offering additional insulation performance.
The Dn,f,w index measured in the laboratory represents the acoustic insulation provided by the ceiling (and only the ceiling) between two rooms. As with sound absorption, it is frequency-dependent. It is presented in one-third octave values and compiled into an average Dnfw value.
The higher the Dn,f,w value, the better the lateral sound insulation. This index is laboratory-tested to ISO 10848-2 and assessed to EN ISO 717-1.
ECHAME offers optional heavy-duty trays (L) to meet these lateral insulation requirements. These products are generally made from a combination of mineral wool and plasterboard.


Reading aid :

C and Ctr values
In order to better assess the impact of sound insulation under specific conditions, laboratory reports expressing Dn,f,w and/or Rw also indicate C and Ctr values.
C is the pink noise correction factor. It is used to assess sound insulation in relation to everyday activities, e.g. conversations, music, radio, TV, children playing, etc.
Ctr is the road noise correction factor. It is used to assess sound insulation against urban traffic. The lower the C or Ctr correction factor, the better.
For example: a ceiling with a Dn,f,w (C;Ctr) value of 40 (-2;-6) will reduce pink noise by 38 dB (-2) and road noise by 34 dB (-6).

Concern for quality, safety and the environment

Our products are manufactured in our Linselles plant with the aim of guaranteeing the safety of our operators and users, as well as preserving our shared environment by complying with current standards.

Quality management

“QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS” according to ISO 9001 : 2015 certification
ECHAME supplies products that comply with legal and regulatory requirements.
The Quality Management Systems standard aims to increase customer satisfaction through a number of tools.
Our Quality system aims to continuously improve our performance and extends to all the company’s key processes, from the upstream commercial offer to the delivery of our finished products to the customer.
It is based on the ISO 9001v2015 standard, which we have chosen as the benchmark for the deployment of our quality system.
It is the privileged tool for dialogue with our staff, and the guarantor for our customers and partners of compliance with contracts and regulations.


CE marking

In Europe, since July 1, 2007, CE marking of suspended ceilings has been :
A passport to free movement within the European Union.
A commitment to comply with the requirements of the suspended ceiling product standard specifying requirements and test methods.
In Europe, since July 1, 2013, construction products covered by a harmonized standard or complying with their European Technical Assessment must be accompanied by a Declaration of Performance (DOP).
Our DOP can be downloaded from our download page.

Product lifecycle analysis

The aim of product lifecycle analysis is to estimate a product’s impact on resources and the environment throughout its lifecycle.
This method is based on the consideration of all stages in a product’s life: from the extraction of raw materials to its end-of-life and the recovery of the waste it generates.
We have analyzed the environmental and health impact of our products using Life Cycle Assessment in accordance with the ISO 14040 series of standards.

  • Post-lacquered metal ceiling
  • Pre-painted metal ceiling

This study provides ECHAME with objective, reliable environmental data on the products it manufactures, throughout the entire product life cycle. This data can be used to communicate on the overall environmental performance of construction projects using these products.

The results for each of our products are communicated on Environmental and Health Data Sheets (FDES), verified by a third party and downloadable from the INIES database:

Hygrothermal comfort

Metal ceilings combined with mineral wool-type acoustic insulation promote thermal comfort. What’s more, metal ceilings are durable and corrosion-resistant because they are made from galvanized or pre-painted steel.

Acoustic comfort

Metal ceilings combined with thermally bonded acoustic fleece on the back or with mineral wool-type materials provide absorption performance suitable for most spaces. This combination makes it possible to achieve a sound absorption coefficient αW of up to 1 (class A) according to EN ISO 11654.

Visual comfort

Depending on color and perforation rate, metal ceilings have a specific performance in terms of luminosity. Thanks to its light reflection coefficient (between 63% and 88% depending on perforation and color), the product helps to improve visual comfort for occupants of the rooms in which it is installed, and contributes to better management of the electrical energy required for good lighting.

Olfactory comfort

Metal ceilings give off no noticeable odours

Fire safety

Reaction to fire

CE marking of suspended ceilings defines a new classification of reaction-to-fire performance, in accordance with standard NF EN 13501-1: Euroclass.
In accordance with the French decree of November 21, 2002 on the reaction to fire of construction and fitting-out products, the table below sets out the Euroclasses, determined in accordance with standard NF EN 13 501-1, admissible with regard to the M categories mentioned in fire safety regulations.
ECHAME ceilings meet A1 or A2 classifications, depending on finish and type of lining.
A product’s reaction to fire characterizes its contribution to fire. It is characterized by 3 points:

  • Fire development: i.e. whether or not the material contributes to the spread of fire through its combustibility (A being non-combustible and F being highly combustible).
  • Smoke generation: i.e. whether or not the product generates smoke (s1 being non-smoke-producing and s3 being highly smoke-producing).
  • Falling flaming drops: from “d0”, meaning no drops in the event of fire, to “d2”, indicating a large number of drops.

Fire resistance

ECHAME offers a range of products with Fire Stable (SF) certification, to meet regulatory requirements in this area. SF classification is used when the suspended ceiling does not act as a protective screen for structures, but must still meet mechanical fire stability requirements, particularly in the common horizontal circulation areas (CHC) of high-rise buildings (IGH). Fire resistance characterizes the time during which elements

can retain their initial function despite the action of a fire: this ensures that there will be no falling ceiling elements. The decree of March 22, 2004, appendix 1 §2.5 describes the tests required to characterize
fire stability performance (minimum SF 1/4h required). SF: Fire Stability – Mechanical Resistance.
The products, construction and works, including the classification features symbol R (expressed in minute) can be set up when a requirement Stability for the Feu is required.


To find out more ...

REI classification is used when the suspended ceiling acts as a protective screen for structures. According to the unified European provisions described in standard EN 13501-2. PF: Pare Flamme – Tightness to flames and hot gases, and, where applicable, Mechanical Resistance. Products, building elements and structures whose classification includes the symbol E or R.E. (expressed in minutes) can be used when a Pare Flamme requirement is required. CF: Firestop – Flame and hot gas tightness, Thermal insulation and, where applicable, Mechanical resistance.
Products, building elements and structures whose classification includes the symbol E and I or R.E. and I (expressed in minutes) can be used when a Fire Stop requirement is required.

The fire ratings of ECHAME products are summarized on p 91.
PV available on request