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Plafonds métalliquesSolutions for all your metal ceiling configurations.

ECHAME offers a wide range of solutions, including grid ceilings for offices and corridors, fire stability for high-rise buildings, and demountability for simplified access by maintenance operators.

Our heavyweight tubs combine lateral insulation with sound absorption. Indispensable when office partitions are installed after strip ceilings.

Activation proposals for your metal radiant ceilings. ECHAME contributes to the thermal comfort of your buildings by installing hot or cold water circulation systems in your ceilings, partitions and metal cladding. Winter or summer, they’ll be regulated to ensure your living space is just right. température.

From standardized results to multiple options, ECHAME metal trays offer a wide range of metal ceiling solutions.

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Metal ceilings - The elegance and robustness of a top-of-the-range material

Acoustic metal ceilings are very popular with architects and planners in new-build and renovation projects, offering numerous advantages in terms of strength, accessibility and comfort.

Metal is a building material commonly used in construction projects, not only for ceilings, but also for wall cladding, decorative elements, technical parts and finishing elements.

Metal ceilings are generally chosen for high value-added projects in upscale environments, where the nobility of the materials goes hand in hand with aesthetic and architectural research.

To achieve a harmonious look, metal ceilings can be varied in terms of the type of metal: steel, aluminum, stainless steel… but also in terms of perforations, surface treatments and paint colors.

What materials should you choose for a metal ceiling ? Echame has the answers..

What is a suspended metal ceiling ?

A suspended metal ceiling is made up of modular elements to be assembled under the concrete slab or raw ceiling of a room. The suspended ceiling is generally installed with a certain amount of space, called a plenum, between the slab and the false ceiling.

This plenum allows for the installation and passage of the building’s technical elements: electricity, air-conditioning, sprinkler networks, IT networks, etc. All these technical elements are accessible for installation and maintenance, thanks to the demountability and modularity of metal ceilings.

Modular metal ceilings consist of a load-bearing framework of galvanized steel sections, suspended from the raw ceiling using threaded rods or special hangers. This framework is assembled into a structure capable of supporting the metal panels that form the ceiling infill. Ceiling panels are either self-supporting (supported only on the two ends) or cassette-type (supported on all four sides).

False ceiling metal panels can be lined with different types of absorbent materials to give them acoustic performance in terms of insulation or absorption.

Bins can also be designed with cut-outs called reservations to accommodate technical equipment such as light fittings, air vents, sensors…

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What are the advantages of using a metal ceiling?

The use of metal false ceilings has many advantages, not only for users, but also for installers and maintenance teams. ECHAME offers complete modular ceiling solutions that guarantee ease of installation and maintainability. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team to discuss the solution best suited to your project and requirements.

What are the different types of metal ceiling ?

Acoustic performance

Practical and aesthetically pleasing, perforated metal ceilings can also be used to address acoustic problems in commercial and public buildings. Indeed, a large number of people grouped together in a space with poor acoustic treatment can quickly become unbearable, extremely uncomfortable and hardly conducive to concentration and work.

Our ceiling panels are available in a range of acoustic performance options. From a simple non-woven glass mat for controlled absorption to the integration of mineral wool for maximum absorption.

But our acoustic metal ceiling solutions are also available with insulating panels to prevent the propagation of noise between adjoining offices. This is a common situation in large office buildings, where partitions are built under false ceilings.

Acoustic comfort is an increasingly important issue in businesses and other social settings. For this reason, acoustic modelling is carried out in order to draw up acoustic specifications in the design phase and recommend products with sound absorption and insulation characteristics that will enable optimal use of the premises.

Design and practicality in equal measure

Metal ceilings are perfectly suited to the contemporary designs found in office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, transport facilities, stations, airports…

Whether you opt for sleek or elaborate designs, laser-cut or randomly punched perforations, or a variety of materials and coatings, the combinations are endless, allowing you to express your bold architectural ideas.

Metal ceilings guarantee a high-quality finish that will give your projects a resolutely upmarket look.

We create custom-designed ceilings in partnership with architectural agencies, technical design offices, project managers and other specifiers, on behalf of major clients. Our prices are competitive, so please consult us for a personalized study.

We create custom-designed ceilings for manufacturers, suppliers or local authorities, such as stores, hospitals or large groups. Our prices are competitive. Please contact us for a personalized study.

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How do I install a metal ceiling ?

ECHAME works hand in hand with its customers, who are installers specializing in building finishing.

Our sales teams are always ready to listen and propose the most appropriate solutions, offering our standard ranges or helping installers to design customized solutions tailored to specific site requirements.

For customers using the premises, installing metal ceilings is not something you can improvise. For this type of installation, we recommend calling on the services of an acoustic ceiling expert. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out which companies in your area are capable of carrying out this type of project.

Create ceiling layouts and prepare your consultation file

Unlike plasterboard or fiberboard ceilings, fitting a metal ceiling on site is much more difficult and requires meticulous preparation.

Folded metal sheets are difficult to cut, and installation systems often do not allow for recutting, requiring the layout plan to be extremely precise and in line with the sheet manufacturing drawings.

This phase is the responsibility of the installer, who will be installing the ceiling in a very specific environment (dimensions, space requirements, technical equipment, interaction with other trades, etc.).

At the end of this preparatory phase, our installer customers send us their precise requirements, from which we design all the metal panels, profiles and hangers required for the project.

In many cases, the finishing elements are not known at the start of the project, necessitating subsequent dimensioning and late production start-ups to ensure that the ceilings are perfectly finished.

In conclusion

Creating a metal ceiling requires professional know-how, and Echame guarantees you a high-quality, designer result that meets your expectations. For a clean job and to find out which type of metal ceiling to choose ? You can consult our online catalog “Le métal au service du bâtiment” which will give you more details about our company and our methods, as well as technical data sheets on metal trays, cassettes, various options such as EC2 L trays or fire-stable panels.

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